Monday, March 17, 2008

My Daughter Wants To Masterbate With Me

I am again, re-emerged from a long period of suffering .....
With my new PC I'm still learning to use I was seriously put under with the study of Japanese.
So sooner or later, that crazy and I end up going there for my friend in Japan and awaiting our blessed I try to learn as much as possible starting with the language.
In another life I think I was a Japanese woman, I say this because every time I think Japan gets me nostalgic, but there have never been.
When I was in Nepal during a trek I met and made friends with a very nice Japanese boy, it happened that one day I sonopersa my group (ie my family) but knowing half I went with this guy and his driving all day and was very pleasant.
We had the same trek I and my family and this guy, but he was alone with his guide so sometimes varied path but then spend the night shelters were always the same so then we found ourselves forever.
But the thing that made me so much pleasure was when we spent the day together watching me when he told me that I was very kind and gentle ways to certain gestures and even when I ate a typical well-educated Japanese woman.
Needless to say, it fills me with pride. I mean to say all
live, maybe not forever, that I travel a lot and I love it I know from experience that goes round and round at the end of my house is always home. But
stay there for a long period, I'd like somewhere I read that turntable on the net foreign people in Japan are looking for seasonal work in public places, is also required to learn multiple languages, I'm bilingual, but French Italian to my English is not bad luck I enter in the lead, I learn more easily the Japanese and English, but if it comes to eating or haggle in English I do not beat anyone!


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